Organic Products

Organic agriculture includes all agricultural systems that promote environmentally, socially and economically sound production of food and fibers. These systems take local soil fertility as the key to successful production. By representing the natural capacity of plants, animals and the landscape it aims to optimize quality in all aspects of agriculture and the environment.

Organic agriculture dramatically reduces dependency on external agents by refraining from the use of chemosynthetic fertilizers, pesticides and pharmaceuticals, besides reducing the risk posed by genetic engineering to the eco-system.

Organic agriculture trusts the re-generative and self-healing capacities of nature that help boost agricultural yields and provide disease resistance to the plants. The life force is harnessed using only biological inputs such as organic manure, naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms, and biological pest controls. Organic agriculture adheres to globally accepted principles, which are implemented at specific local, social, economic, geo-climatically and cultural settings.

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