Plant Extracts

You can totally trust our products as we ensure every time that the herbs are properly identified and assessed for their phytochemical potency. The products pass every single analysis for purity and potency before they are shipped.

With BIB, you can feel the difference as traditional and time-tested understanding of nature’s bounty joins hands with the latest breakthrough in extraction technologies, creating products that re-define your relationship with nature and its offerings. The World Health Organization (WHO) describes herbal contamination, adulteration and misidentification as critical problems in the botanicals industry. Not at BIB. Thanks to our unsurpassed scientific capability and raw materials put through a comprehensive battery of tests for purity and potency.

Our extraction capabilities exemplify our versatility in scaling up not only to the largest capacities, but also in the ability to process smaller-customized runs. In addition to our wide range of botanical extracts and specialty nutritional supplements, we offer Custom Extraction, Blending, Granulation and Formulation services.

The production unit utilizes the most sophisticated instruments such as HPLC, HPTLC, U.V.Spectrophotometer, FTIR, Gas Chromatography, and Auto tiltrotors to ensure the highest level of quality ingredients for the industries. We implement new technology that raise the bar in critical areas of quality control, safety, efficacy and physical characteristics.

Our extracts are available in Powder (PE) and Solid and Fluid form for different applications that include pharmaceutical, flavor and soft gel formulations.

  •  Standardized Herbal Extracts
  •  Ratio based Herbal Extracts
  •  Premixed Herbal Extracts

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