Probiotics constitute the Micro-organisms which are designated as health enhancers or promoters, and given the status of GRAS i.e., Generally Recognized as Safe , and Complementary medicine.

The various ways in which Micro-organisms have been used over the past 50 years as catalysts to advance medical technology, improve human and animal health, transform food processing, leverage genetic engineering, boost agricultural biotechnology, and manage effective treatment of agricultural and municipal wastes, without compromising on food safety and quality norms and environmental conservation efforts provide a most impressive record of achievement.

The uniqueness of micro-organisms and their often unpredictable nature and biosynthetic capabilities, given a specific set of environmental and cultural conditions, has made them likely candidates for solving particularly difficult problems in the life sciences and other fields.

Many of these technological advances would not have been possible using conventional chemical and physical engineering methods, or if they were, they would not have been practically or economically feasible. Microbes have an interestingly enormous influence on people’s lives.

We have a stupendous variety of Probiotics, in pure form and blends (combinations), with wide concentration ranges from one million to 100 billion cfu/gram concentration. It can be further enhanced as per clients’ demand.

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