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Focused on e-commerce, online marketing, & finance advising, etc find exciting career options at premises of BIB.
Here you will be totally involved from day one. We look for good qualifications, but, even more, for personal strengths such as commitment, team spirit, and the courage to take new paths toward innovative solutions. BIB is a company on the move – one which you can help to shape.
One of the leading international manufacturers of specialty chemicals, BIB is a true global player, represented in modern worldwide markets such as wellness and health care. You will be working as part of international teams and getting to know the cultural diversity of our world.
Employees at BIB experience openness toward new ideas and a high degree of personal responsibility. We are convinced that exceptionally motivated employees, who enjoy their work and have goals and visions, will produce outstanding results.
Ten reasons to join the BIB team
·          A strong international company with an exciting future and ambitious goals.
·          Immediate on-the-job responsibility and personal scope for decision-making.
·          Excellent opportunities for improving your personal skills.
·          Intelligent chemistry that finds exciting ways of using natural, renewable raw materials, helping to conserve the earth's resources.
·          Managers with open doors and an open ear to unconventional ideas.
·          Horizontal hierarchies and short decision-making chains that speed up progress.
·          Plenty of scope for the pioneering spirit and initiative.
·          Personal dedication and above-average performance are rewarded.
·          Employee commitment is important for us, therefore we regularly carry out employee surveys.
·          BIB uses numerous modern instruments for personnel development. With the help of internationally recognized, customized tools, we help you to progress professionally.
BIB Focus
Personal care & Beauty
Innovation & Technologies
Health & Nutrition
Earth Science & conservation
Crop Health & Protection

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