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Green Improvements, April 2011
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News > Green Improvements, April 2011

BIB now supports the objectives of a Non – Governmental Organization “Society for Management of Biodiversity (SYMBIO) that encourages the activities of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (UN CBD).

SYMBIO aims to “sustain life on planet earth” and wish to empower the concepts of conservation sustainable biological resource use and promoting equitable sharing of Benefits arisen out of the used resource.

Living its share of responsibilities under the super vision of the honorable President of SYMBIO Dr. N. Murthi Anishetty, PhD, Plant Genetics & Breeding, Expertise in Agricultural Research & Development, former FAO official, Rome, Italy, the society initiated to bring in awareness on the important segments in relation biodiversity development like those of the Importance of Biodiversity Management Committees (BMCs).

The society encouraging the social groups on the Potential of BMCs for effective Biodiversity Management and is keen to take up projects to promote similar cause.

Do write to SYMBIO for more information at symbio.org@gmail.com

Please check out Dr. N. Murthi Anishetty’s complete profile on


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