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Speciality products -
Product Name : Azadirachtin Technical Powder
Description :

(Pure Azadirachtin as an active ingredient) 10 to 17%: Azadiractin Technical is used for formulating different concentrations of Azadiractin with suitable base or solvents i.e. Pure Neem oil, Isopropyl alcohol or propylene glycol.

S.No Parameters standards
1. Appearance Yellowish Brown powder
2. Odor Characteristic Garlic like odor.
3. Melting range 58 – 150oC
4. Vapor Pressure Estimated at <10 –17 torr.
5. Bulk density 0.1799 @20o C
6. Solubility Soluble in Aliphatic Alcohols, Esters and Ketons and insoluble in Hydrocarbon solvents and water.
7.  Stability Stable for 2 yrs when stored away from Sunlight and moisture at temperature of 8- 10oC
8. Assay/Purity By HPLC, Azadirachtin A&B in the range 10- 17%

How to Use:
Step-1: Add required quantity of Aza to base oil along with emulsifier (twin 80 or Twin 85) to get Emulsifiable Concentrate. Quantity of Aza depends on concentration (1500-30000). Step- 2: Add required quantity of Emulsifiable Concentrate to required amount water and mix thoroughly. Quantity of water depends on PPM of Emulsifiable Concentrate.Step-3: Spray using a knapsack sprayer or any suitable sprayer. You may use this both as a foliar spray on crops, and as a soil drench by spraying the soil near the crop roots. The concentration of solution depends on the crop.

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