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Bitcoin is a revolutionary invention of the last decade. Its essential meaning is money digitization. It became the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network for using without any central authority or middlemen. In a nutshell, bitcoin is the money for Internet. Its original purpose is providing all people with universal currency for different operations. Bitcoin can also be described as the most prominent triple entry bookkeeping system in existence.


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As an FMCG company, we always faced a tough competition in our field of market. It gotten only better since 2012.

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Our Products

BIB is a producer and supplier of basic raw materials and finished products for Nutraceutical, Functional, Medicinal, Homeopathic and other natural products industries worldwide. We pride ourselves to be operating out of India, with its rich history of having developed unique systems of traditional knowledge that leverage the therapeutical, medicinal and life-sustaining properties of its flora and fauna without throwing its ecological diversity out of balance.  

Our objective is to work for industries serving human existence by offering nature’s care with the utmost sensitivity to conserve nature’s bounty. With this intention, we, at BIB, serve our clients by means of the most excellent quality ingredients that they demand from us. The purity of our products only matches the purity of our intention. We constantly  keep proving ourselves  every time we  take up our clients’ requests, fulfilling  their requirements.

We  provide all the ingredients listed consisting of natural resources such as Dried Herbs,  Plant Concentrates (Dry or Liquid), Plant Oils, Plant Derived Chemicals, Cosmetic Ingredients, Functional Ingredients, Plant Derived Colors  and Resins (Plant Exudates). Other specialty products included, separately highlighting  their importance.

Functional Ingredients

We are suppliers of Pure Herbs with pharma, cosmetic and agricultural importance representing India in the international market.
In ancient times, herbs, botanicals, fruit extracts, essential oils and natural minerals were the main ingredients for beauty products. Today, demand is growing for plant-based ingredients, as consumers increasingly view natural products as healthy, environmentally friendly and renewable.
We assist the preparation’s unique formulations of herbs by our broad range of botanicals.
We also aid Industry by working on preparing technical informative reports, concerning the most popular herb treasures of our native land.

Natural Colors

The color contrasts or pigments you compare to our product quality will be distinct and constantly acceptable every time you choose them .(I don’t understand this sentence. Do you provide color pigments as a specialty product? Or is it that your specialty products are distinct due to their color pigments or contrasts?)

Color, possibly more than any other factor, influences the acceptance of products by consumers. It affects their overall judgment, as color is seen as synonymous with quality and is used as a strong indicator of the product safety and value.

Although synthetic colors have been favored over the past 100 years, processors have recently turned to naturally derived colors as a viable alternative, responding to an ever increasing consumer demand for Natural Products. Among our wide array of product offerings, natural colors and color pigments or color contrasts have created a niche by way of meeting customer expectations with distinctiveness in terms of product quality and variety.

Natural Eessential oils

We deliver expertness We have consistently proved our expertise in product & method developing, in turn supporting the needs of our clients by using advanced, suggested (suggested or evolved?) technology in all our extraction procedures

Essential oils are the aromatic, extremely concentrated, volatile extracts from aromatic plants, fresh full flowers, leaves, spices, fruits, wood, and roots, with each one having its own benefits to which the body and mind react, producing physical effects that accentuate or soothe the body’s natural functions, properties and possibilities

Bio-India Biologicals (BIB) Corporation globally provides superior quality natural essential oils making sure that the defining character of plant compounds and the purity of essential oils are preserved.

We are providers of the widest array of essential oils that combine exceptional quality with affordable rates, authentic aroma with soothing effect.

We accept any bulk demand in any estimated short span of time, which is an exclusive feature of BIB. The material that reaches you is packed under hygienic conditions that help retain the characteristic aromas of oils. The packaging specifications can be customized if necessary

Organic Products

Organic agriculture includes all agricultural systems that promote environmentally, socially and economically sound production of food and fibers. These systems take local soil fertility as the key to successful production. By representing the natural capacity of plants, animals and the landscape it aims to optimize quality in all aspects of agriculture and the environment.

Organic agriculture dramatically reduces dependency on external agents by refraining from the use of chemosynthetic fertilizers, pesticides and pharmaceuticals, besides reducing the risk posed by genetic engineering to the eco-system.

Organic agriculture trusts the re-generative and self-healing capacities of nature that help boost agricultural yields and provide disease resistance to the plants. The life force is harnessed using only biological inputs such as organic manure, naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms, and biological pest controls. Organic agriculture adheres to globally accepted principles, which are implemented at specific local, social, economic, geo-climatically and cultural settings.


Phyto Reference Standards

A Phyto Reference Standard is a standardized substance which is used as a measurement base for similar substances.
At BIB, our core competency is the isolation, development and characterization of Phytochemical Reference Standards.
These standards are used in laboratory settings all over the world to ensure the quality of raw materials and finished products such as dietary supplements, food and beverages, and cosmetics.

The proper use of well characterized Phytochemical Reference Standards directly affects the safety and quality of millions of consumer products on the market today.


Phytochemicals are non-nutritive plant chemicals that have protective or disease preventive properties. There are more than thousand known phytochemicals.
There are many Phytochemicals and each works differently. They exhibit antioxidant, hormonal, enzyme stimulation, and anti-bacterial properties. Some foods such as whole grains, vegetables, beans, fruits and herbs are common sources of Phytochemicals.
All our products are manufactured and analyzed by a highly qualified and skilled team of chemists ensuring the unparalleled quality of the products that are delivered to our valued clientele all over the world. The spirited dedication of our teams coupled with the innovations in manufacturing technologies has enabled the company to consistently supply the highest quality products to the customers in a cost-effective and foolproof manner.

Plant Extracts

You can totally trust our products as we ensure every time that the herbs are properly identified and assessed for their phytochemical potency. The products pass every single analysis for purity and potency before they are shipped.

With BIB, you can feel the difference as traditional and time-tested understanding of nature’s bounty joins hands with the latest breakthrough in extraction technologies,  creating products that  re-define your relationship with nature and its offerings. The World Health Organization (WHO) describes herbal contamination, adulteration and misidentification as critical problems in the botanicals industry. Not at BIB. Thanks to our unsurpassed scientific capability and raw materials put through a comprehensive battery of tests for purity and potency.

Our extraction capabilities  exemplify our versatility in scaling up not only to the largest capacities, but also in the ability to process smaller-customized runs. In addition to our wide range of botanical extracts and specialty nutritional supplements, we offer Custom Extraction, Blending, Granulation and Formulation services.

The production unit utilizes the most sophisticated instruments such as HPLC, HPTLC, U.V. Spectrophotometer, FTIR, Gas Chromatography, and Auto tiltrotors to ensure the highest level of quality ingredients for the industries. We implement new technology that raise the bar in critical areas of quality control, safety, efficacy and physical characteristics. 


Our extracts are available in Powder (PE) and Solid and Fluid form for different applications that include pharmaceutical, flavor and soft gel formulations.


Standardized Herbal Extracts

Ratio based Herbal Extracts

Premixed Herbal Extracts


Probiotics constitute the Micro-organisms which are designated as health enhancers or promoters, and given the status of GRAS i.e., Generally Recognized as Safe, and Complementary medicine

The various ways in which Micro-organisms have been used over the past 50 years as catalysts to advance medical technology, improve human and animal health, transform food processing,  leverage genetic engineering,  boost agricultural biotechnology,  and manage effective treatment of agricultural and municipal wastes, without compromising on food safety and quality norms and environmental conservation efforts provide a most impressive record of achievement

The uniqueness of micro-organisms and their often unpredictable nature and biosynthetic capabilities, given a specific set of environmental and cultural conditions, has made them likely candidates for solving particularly difficult problems in the life sciences and other fields. 


Many of these technological advances would not have been possible using  conventional chemical and physical engineering methods, or if they were, they would not have been practically or economically feasible. Microbes have  an interestingly enormous influence on people’s lives.


We have a  stupendous variety of Probiotics, in pure form and blends (combinations), with wide concentration ranges from one million to 100 billion cfu/gram concentration. It can be further enhanced as per clients’ demand.

Pure Botanicals

We take the utmost care to ensure superior quality right from the selection of planting material for cultivation, harvesting, post harvesting (drying, segregation and powdering) to final packing.
Records of thousands of years show how herbal medicines were used to combat diseases and improve body’s functions. Numerous biologically active ingredients, alkaloids, stimulants, and drugs were obtained from herbs during the last century. Herbs and herbal supplements are increasingly recognized as deserving serious consideration in fighting diseases and boosting immunity levels.
Herbs have always been essential components of human diet. Modern studies confirm that herbs and herbal medicines provide the much-needed nutrients, vitamins and vitamin-like ingredients required for the efficient functioning of mind and body.
India’s climate and topography have been conducive to its flourishing as a natural herbarium for tropical, subtropical and arid plant species. At BIB, our trained professional teams we undertake cultivation, collection and sourcing botanicals at their natural habitat without depleting their biological activity.
We offer pure Botanicals in Natural Form (unprocessed) and ‘Tea’ Cut and Fine powder with different Mesh sizes (60, 80, 100 & 120).

Specialty Products

All the multi – potent natural products with regular high market demand are included under this category.

Specialty Ingredients at BIB are the most important & trade valued Ingredients in the market place. We have a selective regular supply chain working in co-ordination with us for these specialty products, satisfying our high quality terms.

At BIB, we do not spare any efforts to walk the talk about our exemplary methods of sourcing and exceptionally inviting product line. Our product descriptions  are intended to provide ideas about possible areas of application  while highlighting the beneficial effects:




Curcumin Extract

Vegetable & Fruit Concentrates