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Natural Essential Oils

We deliver expertness in product & method developing, in turn supporting the needs of our clients by using advanced, suggested technology in all our extraction procedures


BIB holds reputation for superior, instant delivery & commercially feasible pricing of its products, in a really short period of time


Essential oils are the aromatic, extremely concentrated, volatile extracts from aromatic plants, refresh full flowers, leave, spices, fruits, woods, roots, from each one with it has own benefits to which the body, mind react, they produce physical effects that raise or comfort the body natural functions



Bio-India Biologicals (BIB) Corporation globally provides superior quality natural essential oils making sure that the character of plants compounds and the purity of essential oils are preserved.

We are providers of the essential oils exhibiting utmost quality, truest aroma of nature at the most genuine rates, offering you the widest array of essential oils.

We can cater any bulk demand in any estimated short span of time, which is an exclusive feature of BIB. The material that reaches you is packed under hygienic conditions, conferring the best characteristic aromas of oils. The packaging specifications can be customized if necessary

For more information and price quote mail at: info@bibcorporation.com


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