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Pure Botanicals (Herbs)

We take utmost care to ensure the quality right from the selection of planting material for cultivation, harvesting, post harvesting (drying, segregation and powdering) and to final packing.










Records of thousands of years show how herbal medicines were used to combat diseases and improve body's functions. Numerous biologically active ingredients, alkaloids, stimulants, and drugs were obtained from herbs during last century. Herbs and herbal supplements deserve serious consideration in fighting diseases.


Herbs always have been essential component of human diet. Modern studies confirm that herbs and herbal medicines provide nutrients, vitamins and vitamin-like ingredients required for efficient functions of mind and body.

India’s climate and topography makes it as a natural herbarium for tropical, subtropical and arid plant species. Here we deal cultivation, collection and sourcing botanicals at their natural habitat without depleting their biological activity by our trained professional teams.

We offer Pure botanicals in Natural Form (unprocessed), ‘Tea’ Cut and Fine powder with different Mesh sizes (60, 80, 100 & 120).

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