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Indian agriculture and its advancements towards growing business opportunities enables us to speak about the developing opportunities


Introducing the importance of soil fertility & sustainable agricultural methods to the local agri-dependents

Custom Manufacturing Contract Cultivation
Biodiversity Compliance


Our crop cultivation services exist to address these issues and pressures.

We draw on our own expertise and knowledge as well as that of our partners to develop solutions to the service needs of farmers and industrial customers alike. The services aim to provide farmers and food processors with the ability to achieve targeted quality, efficiency, profitability and sustainable practices

We offer an outsourcing service to food processors in selected markets where we take responsibility for advising contract farmers during the growing season and negotiate output purchase prior to harvest. Contract cultivation includes a full range of services for contract growers to optimize the quality and quantity of product delivered to the processor.

Aid commonly - crop planning, soil sampling, yield quality and quantity estimation & regular personal advisory sessions and may also involve arrangement of inputs (seed, pesticides, etc) and collection of outputs such as roots, leaves, flowers

1. Raw Herbs for Pharma, Naturopathic, Ayurvedic & Nutraceutical Industries.

2. Certified Organic Cultivation.

3. Seed Production of Medicinal & Aromatic crops


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