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Because of the Convention, it has been becoming standard practice for collectors to pay a fee for access to biodiversity and to enter into contractual agreements with source countries.


BIB has been successful in developing a significant number of naturally derived products that are used by the Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Cosmetic industries

Custom Manufacturing Contract Cultivation
Biodiversity Compliance

BIB is a leading company in bio-resource exploration, with a solid foundation in exploring, discovering and developing new beneficial compounds through collaborative research and development in India.
 It is pioneer in entering an agreement with National Biodiversity Authority for accessing biological resources and acclaimed rewards from Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity Board for its services towards Access & Benefit Sharing.
 BIB acts as a Bioprospecting consultancy to assist any country or a company or an individual in following services as per the Biological Diversity Act, 2002.
 • To Seek access to biological resources occurring in India or associated knowledge
  • For transferring the results of research
  • Seeking intellectual property right
• Third party transfer of accessed bio resource for research or for commercial utilization or for bio-survey and bio- utilization.
 For more information and queries mail at: info@bibcorporation.com

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Earth Science & conservation
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Crop Health & Protection
Health & Nutrition
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