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Bitcoin is a revolutionary invention of the last decade. Its essential meaning is money digitization. It became the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network for using without any central authority or middlemen. In a nutshell, bitcoin is the money for Internet. Its original purpose is providing all people with universal currency for different operations. Bitcoin can also be described as the most prominent triple entry bookkeeping system in existence.


Feedback from Our Investors

As an FMCG company, we always faced a tough competition in our field of market. It gotten only better since 2012.

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Our Services

We have listed herein the capabilities and resources at BIB, so as to get associated with your group of excellence in shaping an innovation – in terms of product offerings. Development/ Quality

BIB has been successful in developing a significant number of naturally derived products that are used by the pharmaceutical industry as excipients, drug delivery agents, and active pharmaceutical ingredients and building blocks.

These include high purity phytochemicals and derivatives (Plant Origin). BIB has intensified its focus and activities in this area, as a key element of its plans to expand the Nutrition & Health sector business landscape.

Custom Manufacturing

We listed the resourceful capabilities of BIB getting associated with your group of excellence in shaping an innovation – in terms of Product Development and Quality Assurance. Creativity at BIB is put to use not only for sourcing, extracting, making and mixing the finest and purest natural products, but also for fulfilling your needs for custom-made innovative products. We constantly raise the benchmark in the areas of product development and quality control.
We offer our Custom Manufacturing Services also to customers who want their raw material to be processed with BIB to get the maximum results in cutting the cost of their end product. We process your materials with the latest technology available to get the maximum yield.

Processing is done at our associated extraction plants that abide by the standards of BIB. We choose our partners strictly based on their capabilities to give world class manufacturing facilities.
In the pilot production plant, we perform laboratory pilot extractions to guarantee purity and potency prior to proceeding with full-scale extraction, thereby eliminating the possibility of undesirable results and excessive costs later on. These cost savings are passed on to you in the form of fairly and competitively priced products.

Contract Cultivation

Indian agriculture and the advancements it has made in terms of leveraging emergent business opportunities both inside the country and outside enable us to align our strengths with the already existing and fast developing opportunities thrown open by the shift in consumer behavior towards natural agro-based products for a healthier living.
We offer crop cultivation services to address these issues and pressures.

We draw on our own expertise and knowledge as well as that of our partners to develop solutions to the service needs of farmers and industrial customers alike. The services aim to provide farmers and food processors with the ability to achieve targeted quality, efficiency and profitability, in keeping with our ethos of sustainable practices.

We offer an outsourcing service to food processors in selected markets where we take responsibility for advising contract farmers during the growing season and negotiate output purchase prior to harvest. Contract cultivation includes a full range of services for contract growers to optimize the quality and quantity of product delivered to the processor.

We aid commonly crop planning, soil sampling and yield quality and quantity estimation. Regular personal advisory sessions are conducted in addition to facilitating arrangement for providing inputs such as seeds and pesticides and collection of outputs such as roots, leaves and flowers.

1. Raw Herbs for Pharma, Naturopathic, Ayurveda & Nutraceutical Industries

2. Certified Organic Cultivation

3. Seed Production of Medicinal & Aromatic Crops

Biodiversity Compliance

Because of the Convention on Biological Diversity, it has become a standard practice for collectors to pay a fee for access to biodiversity and to enter into contractual agreements with source countries.
BIB is a leading company in bio-resource exploration, with a solid foundation in exploring, discovering and developing new beneficial compounds through collaborative research and development in India.

BIB is a pioneer in entering into an agreement with the National Biodiversity Authority for accessing biological resources in accordance with policies that ensure diversity, sustainability and equity in resource use and sharing. We have received acclaimed rewards from the Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity Board for services towards Access & Benefit Sharing.

BIB acts as a Bioprospecting consultancy to assist any country or a company or an individual in the following services as per the Biological Diversity Act, 2002:

• To seek access to biological resources occurring in India or associated knowledge
• To transfer the results of research
• To seek intellectual property right
• To facilitate third party transfer of accessed bio resources for research or for commercial utilization or for bio-survey and bio-utilization.