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Understanding environmental influence on the social & economical status, and bring forward the difference in adaptability ways through our company functioning.





People’s knowledge quotient; Product Growth factors; Public Interactions; Social & economical stability


BIB believes in conducting business in a manner that protects the Earth, conserves resources and does not compromise the ability of future generations to sustain. Our mission positions BIB as a catalyst for awareness. Our Neem has compiled with the Convention principles of Biodiversity as per CBD. We are encouraging Organic Agriculture; Associated with Organic Farmers for various Medicinal Herbs and Aromatic Plants.




The investigations of BIB also involve studying the following essential sections in relation to supplies:


People’s knowledge quotient – Encouraging the people of local communities on Agri-inputs (Mechanical, Methodologies & Formulations) by discussing better yield possibilities & ideas.


Ingredient nativity - Its specifically important and necessary for a product when supplied, should have its basic qualities of nativity i.e., qualities pertaining to the habitat it belongs.


Social & ecological stability – The use of biological ingredients as raw materials add to improve the applicative measures related to a product development (Pharma or Cosmetics or Agri – Fertilizers etc) by a manufacturer or an innovator without much harming the ecosystems, which in turn contributes civilizing the social & ecological stability.


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