Understanding environmental influence on the social and economic health, BIB brings forward the difference in adaptability ways through our company functioning.

BIB believes in conducting business in a manner that protects the Earth, conserves resources and does not compromise the ability of future generations to grow sustainably. Our mission positions BIB as a catalyst for awareness. Our Neem   is compiled with the Convention principles of Biodiversity as per CBD. We are encouraging Organic Agriculture, associated with organic farmers for various Medicinal Herbs and Aromatic Plants.

The investigations  at BIB also involves studying the following essential sections in relation to supplies:

People’s knowledge quotient – Encouraging the people of local communities  to resort to the usage of Agri-inputs (at the Mechanical, Methodological & Formulations-wise levels) by discussing better yield possibilities & ideas.

Ingredient nativity – It is specifically important and necessary for a product when supplied,  to have its basic qualities of nativity i.e., qualities pertaining to the habitat it belongs, preserved.

Social & ecological stability – The use of biological ingredients as raw materials add to improve the applicative measures related to a product development (Pharma or Cosmetics or Agri – Fertilizers) by a manufacturer or an innovator without much harming the ecosystems, which in turn contributes  to the maintenance of  social & ecological stability.